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A Deep Dive Into Phishing Scams

By 克里斯·布里格斯 / 2023年11月15日

Phishing scams remain one of the most prevalent and successful types of cyberattacks today, so being aware of the danger they pose to businesses like yours is extremely crucial. Your business could easily be the next victim if you don’t clearly understand how threat actors leverage phishing emails. In this blog, you’ll learn the intent…


How Social Media Misuse Can Harm Your Business

By 克里斯·布里格斯 / 2023年11月14日

Social media has significantly transformed the way we communicate and do business. 然而, this growing popularity also comes with potential risks that could cause harm to businesses like yours. Unfortunately, many organizations remain unaware of these rapidly evolving challenges. In this blog, we will explore the dangers associated with social media and share practical tips…


Be Aware of These Top AI Cyber-Risks

By 克里斯·布里格斯 / 2023年11月13日

The rise of AI has sparked a revolution. 每一个人, from industry giants to smaller enterprises, is captivated and eager to leverage AI’s endless possibilities. 然而, amid the celebrations of AI’s merits, let’s not ignore its potential risks. A new array of cyberthreats emerges when intricate AI algorithms cross paths with malicious cyber elements. 从AI-powered…


Four Ways Disasters Fuel Cyberattacks

By 克里斯·布里格斯 / 2023年11月10日

Your business, in all likelihood, already faces numerous challenges in today’s tech-driven world. 然而, the aftermath of an unexpected disaster can push your organization to breaking point. This unintentionally creates opportunities for cybercriminals to launch devastating attacks, amplifying the chaos caused by such events. Disaster preparedness should be a top priority for your business —…


Don’t Forget 网络安全 in Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

By 克里斯·布里格斯 / 2023年11月7日

A disaster preparedness plan helps businesses withstand any calamity. 然而, many businesses are unaware that a cybersecurity strategy is also crucial for building a robust disaster preparedness plan. By incorporating cybersecurity into your emergency preparedness plan, you can better protect your business during critical incidents and minimize the impact of cyberthreats. 这将帮助你……


8 Elements of a Business Impact Analysis for Compliance

By 克里斯·布里格斯 / 2023年11月6日

A compliance program helps businesses like yours minimize risk and increase business efficiencies. It also ensures that your business complies with relevant laws and industry regulations. An essential element of an effective compliance program is Business Impact Analysis (BIA). It measures the impact of a disruption (due to an accident, disaster, etc.) on critical business…


5 Ways to Combine Compliance & 网络安全 Best Practices to Improve Outcomes

By 克里斯·布里格斯 / 2023年11月2日

Compliance and security are equally crucial for the seamless operation of your business. Although security is a prime component of compliance, compliance is not the same as security. Both are interconnected but still different. While compliance helps your business meet industry or government regulations, security protects the integrity of your business and its sensitive data.…


Don’t Sabotage Employee 网络安全 Training With These Common Mistakes

By 克里斯·布里格斯 / 2023年11月1日

In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, employee cybersecurity training is crucial. It acts as the frontline defense against cyberattacks, empowering your workforce to identify and mitigate potential threats. 然而, to ensure the effectiveness of your training program, you should take all the steps necessary to avoid common mistakes that can undermine your efforts. 让推荐十大正规竞彩平台揭开……


Why Your Business Needs to Beef Up Employee Security Awareness

By 克里斯·布里格斯 / 2023年10月31日

We live in an era where organizations are increasingly aware of the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. Despite billions of dollars invested worldwide to fend off cyberthreats, cybercriminals still manage to penetrate even the strongest security defenses. They relentlessly exploit vulnerabilities with one primary target in mind — employees. Cybercriminals perceive employees as the weakest link in…


Data Loss Disasters Come in Many Forms

By 克里斯·布里格斯 / 2023年10月30日

Data loss disasters come in many forms, ranging from full-scale natural calamities to cyberattacks and even simple human errors. Disasters can bring businesses to a grinding halt. Apart from financial and reputational damage, failing to protect valuable data can also result in expensive lawsuits. That’s why businesses, regardless of size, must have a backup and…